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Spreadsheet Compiler & Customization Software
67,610+ Total File $120/M

Buyers of products published by Baler Software Corporation are owners of IBM or compatible microcomputers who are using their systems for serious business purposes.

100% direct response, buyers have purchased the Baler 6.0 Spreadsheet Compiler, which is a program that will take a spreadsheet written in Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Excel, or Borland's Quattro Pro and convert it into a stand-alone Windows application program. A baled spreadsheet offers the user many advantages, including faster speed and a higher level of customization.  Also, a baled spreadsheet prevents the user from making unauthorized changes, needs less room (because it is a stand-alone program, it doesn't need the actual spreadsheet program to run), and can be distributed an unlimited number of times royalty-free.  Baler 6.0 is sold via mail order catalogs, authorized resellers, and direct mail.  Buyers have spent an average of $250 and most have made their purchases with a major credit card.  Buyers are key decision makers at medium to larger sized firms who are using spreadsheets as part of their daily business activities.  Buyers include CEOs, CFOs, Comptrollers, VPs of Finance, and MIS Directors who are all well versed in advanced spreadsheet macros.  Most firms have multiple machines per site and use Baler 6.0 so they can distribute working application programs throughout their organization.  Developers also use Baler 6.0 to create commercial quality business software for resale.

The Baler Software file allows you to reach higher level management who are  proven direct mail buyers of business software.  They are decision-makers with purchasing authority who are in constant need of products or services that will increase both efficiency and productivity within their organization. They will be receptive to a wide range of B2B direct mail offers.

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Source: Direct
Updated: Quarterly
Rush Fee (Less Than 48 Hours)$200/F
Zip Tape Setup$35/F
Home Office13,507
Sample mailing piece required
All Rentals are for a one time usage only. Re-uses must be submitted for clearance prior to mailings
When an order has been guaranteed the reuse is automatically guaranteed.
Cancellation Charges:
A $50 Flat Fee incurred on canceled orders. This fee is in addition to any applicable run charge 12.50/m, and processing fees. Orders canceled after mail date are due in full.
5,000 name minimum qty. per order

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