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July 22, 2009

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2009 Trends Revealed in the Worldata Summer List Price Index
Prices Stabilize Across Major Categories
Consumer Email Prices Continue To Decline
B-to-B International Data Holding Steady

July 2009, Boca Raton, FL –

Worldata’s Summer 2009 List Price Index, the barometer for the pricing and trending of all list rental pricing, reveals that prices have begun to stabilize across major categories of list rental prices with consumer email prices still showing the major decline from last year. Permission-Based Email B-to-C continues to show the largest price decrease and percent decrease from the previous year. The second largest price decrease occurred in Permission-Based Email B-to-B lists .Permission-Based International Email showed a small decrease from last quarter, continuing to showcase that businesses are expanding marketing budgets globally.

For over twenty years, the Worldata List Price Index has served the Direct/Interactive Marketing community as the key source for the pricing and trending of all list rentals . The Index is reported quarterly, providing a comparison of list prices during any given 12-month period and tracking price fluctuations, as cost per thousand (CPM), for lists in various categories.

COMMENTS: “This quarter we are noticing prices within many of the categories have started to level-off, a sign of the times that the economy is attempting to stabilize,” said Ray Tesi, Senior Vice President of Worldata. “I think it is important to note that although there is a huge difference from last summer to now, from quarter-to-quarter we are starting to see prices even out. Consumer email files are still dropping, showing the most price activity from last summer to this summer. The consumer market is still evolving in order to keep marketers interested.”

Worldata is tracking Permission-Based International Email for the fourth consecutive quarter:

  • Permission-Based International Email remains rather steady with a slight decrease from last quarter. The average international file is $404/M, decreasing $3/M from the last two previous quarters.

“International business email files continue to show that they are effective, with prices remaining essentially unchanged since last quarter,” said Tesi.

The most recent Worldata List Price Index reflects price variations from Summer 2008 to Summer 2009. The lists evaluated are grouped into categories, such as Consumer Merchandise Buyers, Donors, Databases, Business Magazines and more . Information such as Average Price, Lowest List Price, Highest List Price and Exact Dollar Change are provided. Through charts and graphs, year-to-year price fluctuations can easily be distinguished in this index.

With this in mind, the comparison of lists in this Summer 2009 List Price Index to the Summer 2008 List Price Index of a year ago reveals some very significant variations not only in individual categories, but in media types as well, as exhibited below:

The Straight Average Graph (Chart 1) in the Worldata List Price Index examines the average price per thousand (PPM) of the lists we have grouped in each category. Triple bars are used in each category for easy comparison of Summer 2007 and 2008 prices to Summer 2009 prices.

Overall, PPM averages for Summer 2009 have stabilized from Spring 2008, but still reflect the generous decrease in averages from Summer 2008 to now. However, specific groups within categories demonstrated significant changes worth reporting.

  • Permission-Based Email B-to-B is the highest-priced category, with a Summer 2009 straight average price of $288/M, a decrease of $11/M from last year.
  • Public Sector ranks the second highest-priced category range, with Summer 2009 straight average prices of $174/M, increasing $4/M from last year.
  • Donors remains the lowest-priced category, with an average list price of $84/M, increasing $1/M over last year.

The Straight Dollar Change Graph (Chart 2) shows the precise dollar amount that the average price for each category has changed within the specified 12-month period.

  • The largest price decrease occurred in the Permission-Based B-to-C category, which dropped $50/M from Summer 2008. A major decrease has occurred every few months in this category, showing a small drop from three months ago. However, over the last 12 months, averages show a huge decrease from the previous year.
  • Newsletters showed the greatest price increase over the previous year, with a straight average price of $170/M, a $7/M increase over last Summer.
  • The lowest price decreases occurred within the Business Mags/Controlled and Business Merchandise Buyers categories, which both dropped $4/M from last year.
  • The only category that maintained the same pricing was Attendees/Members, which stayed at $128/M.

The Straight Average Percent Dollar Change Graph (Chart 3) takes into consideration the straight average for each category.

  • Permission-Based B-to-C reflects the largest percent decrease at 29.41%.
  • The lowest percentage decrease occurred in the Business Mags/Controlled category with a 2.70% decrease.
  • The largest percentage increases occurred in the Newsletters and Public Sector categories with a 4.29% and 2.35% increase respectively.

Worldata and its group of companies have been leaders in the direct/interactive marketing services field for over 30 years. Worldata designed its corporateheadquarters, located in Boca Raton, Florida, from the ground up. It is the only company offering all services under one roof, including Email and Postal List Management, List Brokerage, Email Transmission and Tracking, Database Marketing Services, Data Hygiene, Change of Address, Merge Purge, Cost-Per-Lead Marketing and Co-Registration, Custom Marketing Solutionsand Banner Advertising. Information about Worldata can be found at www.worldata.com or contact Ray Tesi, Senior Vice President, at 800-331-8102 or via email at rtesi@worldata.com.


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